Emotional and speechless.

OMG. Third day in London and this day 100% Kew Gardens. I knew it would be a fantastic day even if raining every minute. Crazy bombastic Magnolia flowering, Davidia, Laburnum etc etc etc. And I had, again, been doing some homework and concluded that high on the Kew Garden To Do List would be this attraction: Rhizotron and Xstrata Treetop Walkway. So, yes I knew it would be a good day. A perfect contrast to Chelsea FS, a day of mind-cleansing.

But I was not at all prepared to the experience IRL. It was absolutely mindblowing (and impossible to be prepared for). The best walk (in a city) ever. Whatever you do when visiting London, do NOT miss this. The link above has some good information, though the pictures, as well as my own, are far from explaining the experience. The architects to admire are the same as the ones behind London Eye, Marks Barfield Architects.

The Rhizotron I’ll be back on… Now some much needed stretching and sleep. Tomorrow Wisley!

Ps. It rained approx 10 minutes.



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