Warming up on Leicester Square

Finally we’re in London getting ready to consume garden design at Chelsea Flower Show. Yesterday being the “warming-up-day” we headed out to Olympic Park, with GREAT expectations. And I really thought that I had been doing my homework, reading the detailed book on “The Making of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park”. (Do buy it if you’re into parks and complex projects, I have never ever read such a detailed and sympathetic book on the whole process of making a park, even lists of all and people involved, not only the starlarchitect…Also nice lists of tree species etc). However we had a real anticlimax when realizing that the whole area was closed due to construction (needing special permission to enter, arghhh!!!) After a deep breath and lots of coffee and biscottis at the nearby luxurious shopping centre, we headed back to town. Trying to convince ourselves that it is better to visit a park at least a few years after construction. After visiting the mature Pottersfield Park and later, stating that the Betula plantings at Tate Modern needed some thinning out (and our services 🙂 we stumbled on Leicester square! Such a delight! Poetic! A sure bonus as I had totally missed to put this on my list. Here is a link to WLA website/Leicester Square if you’re interested to read more. So the day ended well after all. Today Chelsea!


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