Top 10 Tokyo/Japan

Being back in Sweden, and no longer jetlagged I’ve managed to put together my own Top 10 Tokyo/Japan:

  1. Generosity and friendliness everywhere. People are actually competing to be last in queue. //:you first, no you first ://
  2. Fantastic food. Sushi, edible yummy seaweed and green tea on bottle, is available at nearest 7eleven or subway platform. An ordinary supermarket is a dream to explore.
  3. Extreme punctuality in public transports. Trains are actually leaving on the second.
  4. Music instead of beeping signals in subway. First it feels strange but after a few days I wonder why they haven’t gone further and started to sing out the messages. Feels like a logic sequel. All teens competing to make it in J-pop industry can make a career in the subway sound system instead.
  5. It’s spotlessly clean in all public spaces, and few bins.
  6. “Expressive” information signs in subway. See pic below.
  7. Not only Cherries” (compare to the 70’s swedish landscape architect bestseller 🙂 “Not only Berberis” /”Inte bara berberis” by). There are many more species than cherry trees that have a magnificent blooming in april: Azaleas, Magnolias, Flowering Dogwood (Cornus florida), Tree Peonies (Paeonia suffruticosa/trädpion/buskpion), Moss Phlox…and more. I promise to soon post some nice pics.
  8. The characters. They’re so aestethically superior to the western alphabet. Even a simple receipt becomes a piece of art. And since the reading direction is vertical the signs on buildings works so much better.
  9. The historical gardens. It so obvious that modern landscape architecture emerges from this heritage. Nothing is new under the sun. It’s actually hard to distinguish if you’re in a 2013 garden or a 1613 garden.
  10. The combination of minimalism and maximalism. Side by side. Minimalism is nothing without maximalism.


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