Colour matching & flower passion

Just as I was leaving the Rikugien garden yesterday, preparing myself to pack  my camera, this wonderful view presented itself. Two women in lilac matching the Wisteria blooming and passionately  taking close-ups. They were actually three women first, all in lilac, but I wasn’t fast enough to capture that.

9 out of 10 times, when people see that you’re trying to take a photo in a public space, such as a garden, park, street or a plaza, they hurry themselves out of the camera view, looking sorry for being in the way. Ok, maybe some of them hate to be photographed. But I believe most of them think that you want a “clean” picture. Either way I wish it was socially accepted to make people go back and pose. “No, don’t be sorry, I want you in the picture, please can you walk back and stand right there, doing what you were doing” maybe adding “because I’m a landscape architect and in my world the greenery is much more interesting when there are people interacting with it”.

When these people in addition have attire that match the accents of the greenery, well, then I’m in heaven.

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