Framing the urban green

Spring green Ginkgo trees attract our attention when stepping out into the daylight, leaving the underground passages of Tokyo station. The inside of the building produces a dark rectangular frame around the sunlit green trees, and the people heading out into the city becomes exact silhouettes . This reminds me of the recuperative view from inside the Sanada mansion, which we saw yesterday in Nagano. When standing inside the building and looking out, the daylight is so bright and the green so green, making the scene even more clear and distinct.

Though we often experience the landscape when moving through it, making every frame important, there are always some views that stand out a little bit more. Why is that? Because we need to stop for a minute, and re-orient? However, it sure is difficult to do this when surrounded by myriads of people coming up from behind. I need to work on this, my instinct is to not stop and pause, as my whole being is concentrated on not being in the way. As if this would be the most offensive thing you could do in the urban space.

Sanada residence, Matsushiro

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