Last minute researching parks in Tokyo

I LOVE Google Streetview. It is really the best thing that has ever happened to landscape architects. I’m not kidding :-). Or maybe I am. No. It is sort of a revolution for us working on the urban environment. A real timesaver. The first time I understood this was last year when teaching at SLU Ultuna in Planting design (one of Sweden’s two landscape architect programmes). Being depressing swedish (grey, no snow) winter the students were lazy (as always), or smart, depending on who you ask, and therefore depending on streetview. These students (by the way, being MUCH younger than we EVER were) do not understand how fortunate they are. When telling them that we got email 1996, they look lost and confused. However. These students, last year,  were studying the project area over the internet, surfing through streetview, and I realised for the first time , that this is actually better than doing it IRL. Becaus you do not freeze. Which is good, because freezing makes you pissed off and tired. And that is NOT good for creativity. The pic above is a screensaver from today when I was preparing myself (and deciding where to put my walking energy, saving not only time but sweat) for next weeks trip to TOKYO!!! See you soon.

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